When you are analyzing the potential for a public policy initiative, political candidacy, a particular measure for your political entity, business or a local option effort the final analysis always comes down to the - - - - “HARD COUNT”.

Who is with you?; — Who is against you?

And more importantly who is teetering on the fence?

Who can and will make the difference in victory or defeat?

The Hard Count, Inc. approach is a revolutionary concept in legislative and governmental affairs which provides the diverse experience and background of the principal and Associates including the experience and expertise of several of the most accomplished campaign and public policy advocates in Texas and across the country to develop and manage multi-disciplined campaigns in a wide array of public policy and governmental affairs arenas.

The Hard Count approach simply provides a leading edge tool to your governmental affairs, public relations or campaign arsenal.

Buda, Texas
The city of Buda (population 2400) near Austin, changed their local option laws in 1999. In 2001, the City of Buda grew from $450,000 in sales tax revenue to over $978,000. Buda collected more sales tax revenue in 2001 than in 1999 and 2000 - combined.

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